J.P. Morgan
Asset Management Rebrand

Our role in J.P. Morgan’s Asset Management departmental rebrand was to create hero visuals, for use across all print and digital channels. The direction was inspired by the financial concept of a balanced investment strategy. The resulting partitioned ring shape has been termed the portfolio wheel, and the pieces that comprise it, portfolio segments.



  • Year

    • 2021
  • Services

    • Animation
    • Stylized Stills
  • Client

    • JP Morgan
    • Prophet


The identity system is comprised of three core treatments; (1) the complete portfolio wheel rendered in glass, overlaid onto thematic photography, (2) close-up crops of the glass portfolio wheel, with the subject of the photography framed inside a segment, and (3) compositions of rearranged portfolio wheel segments, expressing specific financial motifs, rendered with pigmented acrylic and foam materials in branded colorways.


We produced a toolkit system for generating both still and animated assets for Treatments 01 and 02. The refractions within each portfolio segment were reverse-engineered and completely rebuilt inside Photoshop and After Effects, with bespoke controls for scale, rotation, segment blur, backgrounds, and more. Adjustable on the fly by a designer, with no knowledge of 3D software required.


The first round of Treatment 03 yielded an asset library of nine compositions, as high resolution animations and still images, in each of three colorways. It has since inspired numerous variations and evolutions, in some instances to expand and support the existing evergreen content, and other times finding a unique yet associated look for a special usage or event.