J.P. Morgan
"Let's Solve It" TV :15s

Our partners at J.P. Morgan Asset Management approached us with an exciting opportunity. The ask: 4x 15 second TV commercials, 100% motion graphics. The challenge: 22 business days, from initial brief to final delivery. We collaborated through two major phases at record-setting speed; storyboarding & design, and animation & compositing.



  • Year

    • 2023
  • Services

    • Animation
    • Concepting
    • Motion Graphics
    • Toolkit
  • Client

    • JP Morgan


“Active ETF” leads this series, highlighting J.P. Morgan’s prestigious accolades- including the very impressive #1 ETF Provider of 2023. The three other spots focus on a particular J.P. Morgan ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), or a thematic combination of them, speaking to unique investment goals. Our concepting and storyboarding synthesized messaging with a visual narrative, respecting the subject matter as well as the Asset Management aesthetic that we’re so deeply familiar with.


We developed an 8-frame template for each script. Three moments of messaging, one end card, and transitions between each of these to connect it all together. At this stage we were juggling multiple objectives: establishing visual motifs, composition, choreography, and constantly seeking to champion the title frames. We also deliberately used simple materials and default lighting, to keep the focus on the conceptual.


The second phase of this project was a race to translate the concepts and storyboards into motion for edit approval, and then an incredible push to get twenty-something shots textured, lit, rendered, color corrected, exported, and delivered. We could not have done it without our crack team, including the full cooperation and responsiveness of our partners at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

4 x 4K

Final specs: 4K resolution, at 30 frames per second. That’s a lot of pixels!


To provide our partners with maximum flexibility, the final animations were delivered with a companion After Effects project. All titles are separate layers from the CG renders, allowing for text revisions. The project also includes mattes and alpha channels wherever a title or end card is overlapped by the 3D shapes.