2020 Tokyo Olympics Pavilion

For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, we were welcomed back to collaborate with SK-II and HUGE. Our shared mission was to design an Olympics Pavilion, including a retail experience for their special edition product line, a massive animated façade, and a 900 ft2 AR video game. Our visuals were instrumental at every stage, from initial pitch materials winning the job, to final renderings facilitating construction.



  • Year

    • 2018-2022
  • Services

    • AR Experience
    • Marketing Assets
    • Motion Graphics
    • Retail Visualization
  • Location

    • Tokyo
  • Client

    • HUGE
    • SK-II


This project spanned the course of three years, with three distinct phases of work. In the first, HUGE engaged us to create a VR pitch, an innovative presentation imagining an Olympics tourist’s adventure: Arriving in Tokyo and traveling to the Olympic grounds, fully immersed in a complete takeover style SK-II campaign, culminating in a visit to the SK-II pavilion and the premium retail experience within.


In the second phase of work, we assisted in the design development of the pavilion, translating rough concepts into realistic visuals. The hero feature of the exterior is a full width LED screen featuring SK-II Studio’s “VS” anthology series, six stories about women in sports overcoming their greatest challenges.


The third phase of work revolved around the development of immersive entertainment housed within the pavilion. During the experience, guests navigate through three physical environments while wearing a HoloLens headset. Each level is based on a VS athlete and the adversity they face. Working with two set designers, we translated sketches and ideas into 3D geometry, establishing the tangible sets as well as the digital version of the space for triggering the AR events within the Hololens.