World PITERA™ Day

We partnered with HUGE and SK-II in the pitch, design, and production of an influencer event celebrating SK-II’s iconic hero ingredient: PITERA™. Volley played an essential role in developing the visions of the agency and brand teams, throughout every stage of the physical and digital creation process, including the interactive 3D mobile experience.



  • Year

    • 2022
  • Services

    • Animation
    • Architectural Visualization
    • Creative Production
    • Mobile Experience
  • Location

    • Tokyo
  • Client

    • HUGE
    • SK-II


World PITERA day is an annual gathering to discover the legacy of PITERA and the latest breakthroughs from SK-II’s clinical studies. The event was chaptered into six unique moments, each representing a facet of PITERA’s history, establishing a consistent framework across the physical and mobile versions of the experience. The physical event took place in Tokyo in July 2022, while the mobile version was available for one day only through SK-II’s website and social channels. 


HUGE engaged us to create key visuals for their initial pitch. The combination of our speed in generating a high volume of concept imagery, while maintaining our standards of quality, was critical in winning them the project. The visuals depicted a chronological series of experiences, starting with the invitation and ending with a hero moment inside a drop of PITERA. 


Throughout the entire design process we were responsible for translating the event’s structure and rough concepts into a physical experience. We began well before a location or physical parameters had been determined and iterated our work accordingly as new variables were introduced. Our efforts culminated in a final set of stills and construction documents that prepared the fabrication company for success.


The mobile component for PITERA Day was a 3D experience, adapting the narrative of the physical space to a layout optimized for navigation and technical efficiency. The hero moment, a waterfall of PITERA, is encircled by five interactive rooms featuring looping animations. Users direct themselves between each of the six key chapters, and their branching content experiences, through an elegant interface and fluid camera moves.