The Shed
E-Ticket Experience

We partnered with The Shed to explore visual solutions for the launch of their website and ticketing platform. Part of this process was innovating upon the bird’s-eye view diagrams typical of online reservations. The evolution of this convention was to simulate the view from every seat. The seating within the two theaters is unique in that its modular system can be completely rearranged depending on the production and whether the structure is opened or closed, which added an additional dimension of complexity to the endeavor.


Arts & Culture

  • Year

    • 2020
  • Services

    • Online Configurator
    • Still Images
  • Client

    • The Shed


The first stage in our process was mapping out all the planned seat configurations within the main theater and black box theater. For exterior views, we reconstructed a 3D version of the Hudson Yards site as well as details in the Shed’s building features, including their iconic bubble glazing system. The final act was exploring interior and environmental lighting, establishing hero compositions, and curating those options into a concise set of final assets.


We scripted a rendering system for creating an image from the vantage point of every seat in the two theaters, in all their various arrangements, automating the processing of hundreds of files. The naming convention and formatting of these visuals were strategized in collaboration with the web development team for seamless integration into The Shed’s site. The user experience resulted in a seat selection preview to buy tickets to a show.